I believe in truth, justice and equality.

I understand and believe in Diné values and Life Principals. I lived hard times growing up in the south side of Shiprock. I have been a Warrior for Native Civil Rights and Indigenous Human Rights since 1969. I will never be a sell-out. I got shot two times with a 44-Magnum, point blank, losing my right arm in a probable hate crime, I lived. I will never hesitate to defend my family, people and the land. I have lived a life of service to my people since 1975. Life continues to be a struggle, today I am a Farmer and proud of it.

I have 39 years of leadership experience, I have been in the company of and have learned from many strong and true Diné and non-Navajo leaders. I have a solid grounding of common sense, a sense of ethics that requires me to do the right thing. I have learned life lessons from my mistakes. I have an understanding of the phenomenon of political power, such that I am able to keep things in perspective. I believe in honesty and transparency, but I will never tell you I am honest and transparent, I prefer to show it and live it. I will never pretend that I am important. These are my credentials.