To Be Dine'



We are Diné. We have K’é and values intended to give us a life of Hozho. Our Diné Life Principles with our language/culture remain intact, vibrant and relevant. These Principles form a pathway we were to follow, many of us need to come back to that life path. We must reaffirm our values and rely on our divine gift of nitsáhákees and our innate concepts of leadership to reclaim our identity and Sovereign Authority.

The Navajo Nation government structure is of foreign origin, it was formed principally to exploit our natural resources. It is not able to effectively respond to and meet our myriad needs; we are in a state of welfare. This demands a retooling of the government. We have the reason, the brains and courage to form a new government rooted in our Life Principles, one that engages the true authority contained in our inherent Sovereignty.

The government retooling will be done by consensus of all concerned in an all-inclusive process. In this great exercise of nahat’á, we will form a government that truly meets our iiná life needs now and into the future. Local autonomy must be a perquisite as local people/leaders know their needs and how to resolve them. It is necessary to regain complete control of our lands. All matters of government must be done on our Diné terms.

Our Earth Mother is in great peril; dangerous climate change and increasing natural catastrophes are signs of her despair and anguish. Our responsibility to the Earth is to act to defend her. We must stop the reckless exploitation of our lands, we must protect our waters at all cost. The life of the Earth is our life. In healing the Earth, we must also heal ourselves from historical trauma, the abuse and violence of our world. We must be a well Nation.

“Our greatest lifework must be the future of our children, as they are, our sihasin.”