The color of the East is White

Its Life Principle teaching is Nitsáhákees

Its sacred gift is our ability to Think


The color of the South is Blue

Its Life Principle teaching is Naahat’á

Its sacred responsibility is Planning/Leadership


The color of the West is Yellow

Its Life Principle teaching is iiná

Its sacred opportunity is Happiness in Life


The color of the North is Black

Its Life Principle teaching is Sihasin

Its sacred trust is Hope for our future


The reddish brown circle represents the Earth

and the color of our skin


The black center part shows the stars

and represents the great Universe


The words K’ē Bēē Shi Hasin means that our sense of clan relation is our hope.

Our K’ē clanship mean more than our family and clan relationships.

Our K’ē also speaks to our kinship with the Earth and the Universe.


Reclaiming our practice of clanship/kinship can bring us back into balance.

We must do all we can and use all of our resources to survive in this world.

K’ē is a fundamental strength and we must reclaim it, for it is our Hope.