• Duane ‘Chili’ Yazzie’s Grassroots Campaign for the Navajo Presidency

    via Indian Country Today Media Network

    Duane “Chili” Yazzie is looking for 1,500 Navajo voters to chip in one dollar each.

    During a special meeting April 12 at the Shiprock, New Mexico, Chapter House, Yazzie, a career politician and activist, officially announced his intention to run for president of the Navajo Nation. Promising a “down-home, homemade, grassroots, Hogan-level campaign,” Yazzie wants to start by raising asking supporters to help raise the $1,500 filing fee due May 28.

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  • Presidential Announcement!

    Duane H. Yazzie has announced his candidacy for the office of the President of the Navajo Nation! Join us on the campaign trail towards securing our future through our Dine’ traditional ways and values!

  • Riding With The Navajo: Finding Harmony In The Heart Of Native America

    via Postive News UK

    by Aaron Millar

    I am riding with the Navajo. A swirling desert wind twists the red earth into dust devils that rattle our horses and scrape against the towering sandstone pinnacles and flat orange mesas of Monument Valley. In Native mythology this iconic, wind-sculpted landscape in the southwest of the United States is sacred: each dramatic buttress believed to be the fallen carcass of a defeated monster, slain by the holy people to protect the Navajo.


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